2adpro Group

A modern approach to marketing communications
A unique and independent global marketing service company that develops and delivers strategic creative, low-cost implementation and technology solutions to the world's leading brands and media companies.

2adpro Group

2adpro Media Solutions
We partner with Media companies to automate creative and execution solutions for their clients.


JDX Technology Solutions
JDX is a product suite that enables campaign management, automation, omni-channel delivery and provides unified analytics.


Madras Brand Solutions
We partner with Brands to identify marketing opportunities and develop strategic and creative solutions

The Founders

Todd Brownrout
Chief Executive Officer

Todd has had a successful career in the media and advertising space during which he led large advertising organizations, merger and acquisition activity, marketing and other functions at two of the largest newspapers in the US. His vision while founding 2adpro was to help the media industry revitalize itself through innovation and delivery of advertising products and services.

Gopal Krishnan
Executive Chairman

Gopal is a media industry veteran, visionary and serial entrepreneur. He founded 2adpro in 2006 with a vision to build a world leading multi-media advertising service company. He is also the founder of Ninestars, a leading content digitization and transformation company.